One of the main tasks of financial and technical oversight is to safeguard the investor’s own funds and the bank’s borrowed funds. To achieve this, specialists conduct construction audits, develop engineering reports for the bank, and carry out financial and technical control.


Supervision is conducted at all stages of project implementation: from initial economic assessment and opening of credit lines to evaluating the required amount of funds for project completion and its smooth entry into operation. This may be necessary in cases where the implementation process is halted due to exceeding the budget, as well as in the resumption of construction processes for unfinished buildings and structures.

LLC «Ecotech» provides a full range of financial and technical oversight services and conducts professional expertise. Our independent experts will identify any discrepancies, analyze the reasons for their occurrence, assess potential risks, and formulate a plan for their elimination.

List of services provided by LLC “EcoTech” for FTN:

  • Analysis of the availability and completeness of initial permitting (IPD) and project estimation documentation (PED);
  • Analysis of technological solutions;
  • Analysis of project implementation cost;
  • Analysis of planned project implementation timelines;
  • Analysis of contracts related to the project;
  • Analysis of actual work execution and project financing;
  • Analysis of actual implementation of calendar schedules;
  • Organization of construction control at the site. Remarks from the supervisory company based on the results of inspection of the construction site;
  • Organizational, technical, and financial factors influencing the course of project implementation, recommendations from the supervisory company on optimizing the project implementation process, etc.

To obtain detailed information about service costs and receive professional consultation, please complete the feedback form on our website. Our specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Project examples
Republic of Karelia, Kemsky district
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Республика Беларусь, Витебская область, д. Лучно
Financial and technical control over construction of the Polotsk HPP Финансово-технический контроль по строительству Полоцкой ГЭС на реке Западная Двина. Беларусь, Витебская… Learn more
Кингисепп, Ленинградская область
Construction of a waste treatment, neutralization and disposal complex at the «Phosphorit» industrial zone Выполнение функций технического заказчика и строительного контроля по объекту «Комплекс… Learn more