The construction industry requires significant long-term financial investments. Often, for the successful implementation of a project, external sources of financing are necessary, such as investors or creditors.

Financial support from external sources may be required even for a steadily developing business, and in this case, investments play a crucial role. With attracted capital, it becomes possible to initiate or continue construction, acquire equipment, provide material and technical resources, and more.

«Ecotech» company has extensive experience in attracting investments and a wide range of effective tools. We are ready to assist in finding optimal sources and organizing financing to the required extent. We also guarantee reliable support at all stages of deal negotiation, financial model development, and technical specification preparation.

Our clients trust us with investment attraction. Thanks to our rich practical experience and years of collaboration, «Ecotech» has gained strong support from major banking institutions and various specialized organizations capable of providing assistance in this matter.

List of services provided by LLC «EcoTech» for ATTRACTING INVESTMENTS: 

  • Support in concluding a concession or investment agreement;
  • Development of the overall and tariff financial project model;
  • Formation of a business plan and technical and economic justification (TEO);
  • Compilation of the technical assignment for the development of project cost estimation documentation;
  • Enhanced banking support;
  • Comprehensive support of the investment project at all stages;
  • Support for bond issuance, credit attraction, financing of various funds;
  • Provision of advisory consulting services (banking and investment company engineering).

To obtain detailed information about service costs and receive professional consultation, please complete the feedback form on our website. Our specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Project examples
Клин, Московская область
Construction of a complex for processing and disposal of solid waste «Aleksinsky Quarry» Технический заказчик по организации строительства объектов, проведение инженерно-технического сопровождения «Строительства… Learn more
Construction of the «Aleksinsky» ecotechnopark Выполнение функций технического заказчика Экотехнопарка «Алексинский» г. Клин. Learn more