Период: 2022 – 2026 гг.

Period: 2022 – 2026.

Customer: JSC «Managing Company for Waste Management in the Leningrad Region».

«Ecotech» LLC is supervising the construction of a waste sorting complex in Kingisepp district of Leningrad Region. In addition to supervising, it performs the function of technical customer. The facility under construction is intended for treatment, disposal and neutralization of industrial waste.


  • Support of design and survey works;
  • Organization of facility construction, support of construction and installation works;
  • Interaction with public authorities and municipal bodies, including supervisory and control bodies, as well as with other organizations;
  • Conducting construction audit and Financial and technical control.


Budget: 3.6 billion rubles.
Construction area of buildings and structures: 10 200 m2.
Area of land within the design boundaries: 54.25 ha.
Area of waste disposal site: 31.7 hectares.
Production capacity of the object: 300 thousand tons per year.
Production: RDF-fuel and technical soil.
On the territory of 31.7 hectares in the town of Kingisepp a huge waste sorting, treatment and disposal complex is being built. Four dozen special buildings, sorting station, composting site, ponds – regulators and leachates, pumping and purification stations, underground reservoirs – all these objects are united into a single system with a service life of at least 40 years, projected annual capacity – 300 thousand tons of garbage.


JSC «Managing Company for Waste Management in the Leningrad Region» works to reduce the harmful impact of solid waste on human health and the environment, increase the share of waste recycling and minimize waste disposal.

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