Period: 2010 – 2017.

Customer: Eurasian Development Bank.

«Ecotech» LLC was commissioned by Eurasian Development Bank to perform financial and technical control over the construction of Polotsk HPP on the Western Dvina River. The company’s responsibilities included financial and technical control over the construction.


  • Analysis of the project budget execution;
  • Exercising control over the targeted use of funds;
  • Verification of compliance of performed works with approved design documentation (compliance with design solutions), standards and SNIP (or analogs in RB);
  • Control over compliance of the scope of work specified in the acceptance certificates with the actual work performed;
  • Checking the availability of documents certifying the quality of materials used in construction and installation works and equipment (passports, certificates, laboratory test results, etc.);
  • Analysis of the plant construction schedule, including control over the timing of manufacturing, equipment delivery and compliance with the declared designs and technical solutions;
  • Analysis of environmental compliance during the construction period.


Budget: 117 bln. rubles.

Total capacity: 21.75 MW.

Electricity generation: 121.2 mln kWh.

The hydrotechnical structure of the Polotsk HPP is located near the village of Luchno on the Western Dvina River (Belarus). Within the framework of the project implementation more than 12 km of 110 kV and 6 km of 10 kV power lines have already been constructed. The Meat Processing Plant transformer station (110/10 kV) was reconstructed. A water reservoir was formed, 9 bridges in total were built and reconstructed, and the shoreline of the Western Dvina River was reinforced in 13 sections (over 9.5 km long). The projected annual capacity of the HPP is 112 mln. kWh.


The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) is an international financial institution with a charter capital of $7 billion designed to promote economic growth of member states, expand trade and economic ties between them and develop integration processes in the Eurasian space through investment activities.

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