Construction supervision is a complex of measures aimed at monitoring the compliance of construction and installation works, applied structures, components, materials, and equipment with project and working documentation, as well as the requirements of construction norms and regulations, standards, technical specifications, and other regulatory documents. The main task of construction supervision is to ensure the safety of the construction project and the quality of operational conditions of buildings and structures.

The construction SUPERVISION services provided by «Ecotech» LLC include:

  • Monitoring the presence at the construction site, completeness, and adequacy for the work execution of the Initial Permit, Technical, and Working Documentation;
  • Monitoring the compliance of the construction and installation works being performed, the applied structures, products, materials, and equipment, as well as the project and working documentation, with the requirements of regulatory documents;
  • Certification of the results of «Hidden works» and monitoring the installation of «Critical structures» and «Network sections»;
  • Control of the presence and accuracy of the executive documentation;
  • Timely identification of remarks, discrepancies, and defects;
  • Operational control over the quality, volumes, and timelines of construction and installation works, etc.

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Project examples
Клин, Московская область
Construction of a complex for processing and disposal of solid waste «Aleksinsky Quarry» Технический заказчик по организации строительства объектов, проведение инженерно-технического сопровождения «Строительства… Learn more
Кингисепп, Ленинградская область
Construction of a waste treatment, neutralization and disposal complex at the «Phosphorit» industrial zone Выполнение функций технического заказчика и строительного контроля по объекту «Комплекс… Learn more
Modernization of the sorting complex for solid municipal waste Выполнение функций технического заказчика и строительного контроля по модернизации сортировочного… Learn more