Period: 2009 – 2010.

Customer: «Energomash Group of Companies» JSC «GT-TEC Energo», for «SBERBANK of Russia» OJSC.

By order of «SBERBANK of Russia» OJSC, «Ecotech» LLC analyzed technical characteristics of used equipment installed at the CHPPs of «Energomash» Group of Companies.


Calculations of the main technical and economic performance indicators of the operating plants were made, forecasts of performance indicators in the future were made, and proposals to increase the efficiency of energy sources were given.

During the period of work performance the materials on 10 constructed power plants and 18 power plants under construction, which use units of 3 modifications, were studied:

– gas turbine + electric generator GTE-009;

– GTE-009 M (gas turbine on magnetic bearings);

– GTE-009 ME (gas turbine on magnetic bearings and afterburning unit on the peak boiler).


Currently, there are 6 CHPPs in operation in the Russian Federation, and 18 new plants are under construction. The geographical coverage ranges from the Arkhangelsk Region to the Krasnodar Territory. The purpose of gas equipment is combined generation of electricity and heat. Distinctive features of «Energomash» Group’s heating plants: quick construction and start-up time, minimum personnel for maintenance, fast payback period.

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