Period: 2016 г.

Customers: Nord Hydro JSC.

By order of Eurasian Development Bank and International Investment Bank, «Ecotech» performed construction audit for building small hydropower plants Beloporozhsk HPP-1 and Beloporozhsk HPP-2, as well as power grid facilities for their connection to the grid in the Republic of Karelia.


Based on the information provided by the construction customer – Nord Hydro JSC, an independent expert review of the project «Construction of Beloporozhsk SHPPs on the territory of the Republic of Karelia» has been performed, including:

  • Analysis of construction conditions and proposed design solutions;
  • Project budget analysis;
  • Analysis of design and estimate, permit, execution, contract and other documentation, including compliance with legal norms;
  • Project schedule analysis;
  • Projected activity analysis;
  • Based on the results of the audit, the Credit Organization took a decision to finance the Beloporozhsk SHPP construction project.


Budget: 12.8 bln. rubles.

Total capacity: 49.8 MW.

Electricity generation: 231.2 mln kWh.

«Beloporozhsk HPP – 1» and «Beloporozhsk HPP – 2» are important strategic hydro facilities that will strengthen the budget of the Republic of Karelia and provide residents with cheaper electricity. In addition to creating new jobs, the energy complex is being launched as part of the federal project to prepare the Karelian land for the anniversary celebration.

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